Project Management System






ProjeKaran Procurement Management System (PMS) is an online solution to help project managers and procurement managers to monitor, control and manage the project procurement process and activities. It has a user-friendly interface with the capability for integration to other existing systems in project.









Key Benefits:

  • Web-based online dashboard for effective monitoring, controlling and managing of procurement of projects.
  • Tracing and reporting of the procurement steps from MR issue to site delivery.
  • Tracing and reporting of the invoices and costs of each Purchase Order (PO).
  • Tracing and reporting of the procurement schedule.
  • Make an effective communication and collaboration among project team on MRs status.














Main Capabilities:



  • Reporting comprehensive information of MRs and Purchase Orders (POs) such as Vendor information, milestones, plan and actual progress, and the latest status.













  • Provide a platform for expeditors to record and report the MRs status.




  • Reporting of the procurement schedule (Plan, Actual, Forcast) in a detail.





  • Reporting of the tag number status of each MR in a detail.





  • Reporting of the financial status of each vendor and Purchase Order (PO).













  • Monitoring of the schedule and cost performance of procurement.


  • Capability to send the notifications.


  • Capability to customize based on the different contracting strategy.