About Us

Our company:

Projekaran Co. established in 2009 as a project management consultant for oil, gas and petrochemical companies in Iran and worldwide. The effort put on by the committed team made Projekaran grow too fast. Its services very soon asked by the other industries like mining and building construction projects. Focus on the current projects and working hard were our policy to grow up in the market.


We believe in client satisfaction at any cost, and ethic is our company highest value. We worked and focused on an organization building at the early stage as one of the most fundamental steps for Projekaran. The organization consists of smart engineers mostly industrial educated from top universities in Iran. Attitude is our priority No.1 criteria to recruit and train engineers right from universities. We train, encourage and give them enough enthusiasm to do the most complicated and difficult projects. For this, we could say that we have one of the most qualified, agile and flexible organizations in our business.


We hope with having established organization and tools in place as well as right attitude in our company, Projekaran could be a strategic partner for our clients. We obliged ourselves to work hard in Projekaran to deliver this.